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Korean Ginseng Root

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Korean Ginseng

Ginseng - Korean Red Ginseng Root has been used for thousands of years in medicine. Our Korean Ginseng Roots are actual authentic ginseng roots that have been dried and processed. Korean red ginseng is steamed in a special brew to increase its potency and efficacy, and then is processed and dried. These Korean Ginseng Roots are NutraGroup Certified to be all natural and chemical free.

Korean Red Ginseng is part of the panax species of Ginseng and contains the active ingredient of ginsenosides. Korean Ginseng is known to stimulate the immune system, and other benefits of Korean Ginseng include increasing energy and vitality and reducing the negative effects of stress. Ginseng is a common ingredient in many of the most popular energy drinks.

Korean Ginseng Benefits include an overall immune system boost and can provide a prolonged energy boost. Korean ginseng is a panax ginseng that contains ginsenosides, and its benefits can include improved blood flow, lower blood sugar and increases stamina and endurance. Always consult with a physician before beginning to use any nutritional products, especially if you have prior conditions or are using other medications.